Two issues well suited for dialogue between conservatives and liberals

January 29, 2017

It strikes me that while people who don’t like Trump’s immigration restrictions can protest and go to international airports, there are less clear ways for folks supporting these efforts to express themselves now.

As with North Carolina’s HB2 (and similar bills in other places), this issue seems to be well suited for person-to-person facilitated dialogue, perhaps in the context of large group events. As a general matter, everyone fears terrorist violence, and everyone has some appreciation for our traditions of welcoming refugees and immigrants. Similarly, everyone wants bathrooms to be places of easy access and safety.

It would seem that some public officials or civic leaders might convene dialogue settings where conservatives and progressives might bring their experiences, perspectives, and some facts to bear talk over what might be sensible ways forward.

Who is in a position to make something like this happen?

(By the way, I am not necessarily asking people to weigh in on substantive issues because I have not found these types of internet exchanges to be productive in most cases).

David Campt