organizational & community development

In addition to creating individual meetings, David sometimes works on an extended basis with organizations and communities that are willing to go on a developmental journey that will enhance their decision-making and build their capacity to address challenges that emerge. 


Building the capacity for Dialogue

As a leading scholar/practitioner the process of dialogue, David has a history only helping organizations have important exchanges that can lead to new actions. Moreover, his focus is on building the capacity for dialogue, so that organizations and communities can continue to deeply engage with each other well after David's engagement is completed. 

Focusing Community Will

In New Orleans, Detroit, Charlotte, rural North Carolina and many other places, David has used his skill in designing and facilitating community convenings that help communities sort through their sometimes disparate tactics and find a common vision of a shared future.

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Statewide meeting, North Carolina Girl Scouts, 2016.

Statewide meeting, North Carolina Girl Scouts, 2016.

Assessing Problems and Mobilizing for solutions

Dealing forthrightly with challenges sometimes requires having a wide variety of stakeholders engage in a coherent and inclusive processes related to  problem clarification, brainstorming, and prioritization of possible solutions. David has helped a variety of groups with such process, from national associations, to national philanthropic groups, to neighborhood not for profits.