david w. campt - speaker

Dr. David Campt is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker. Regardless of the topic, his insights are always designed to both captivate audiences and to move their thinking to a higher level of level of discernment and clarity. 



David has been a featured presenter on a variety of topics, including improving organizational competence, race relations, conflict resolution, and how to expand participation so that organizations and groups can come to better decisions. 


The audiences for David’s speaking engagements have included a wide array of clients, including top corporations (e.g Ford Motor Company, Booz Allen, Silicon Graphics), non-profit organizations (e.g. NAACP, National Multi-Cultural Institute), government (e.g. US Coast Guard, The White House, US Navy),  prestigious universities (e.g. Princeton, University of North Carolina, Denison University).

Approach and Style

David's always makes his speeches interactive in a number of ways, including through the use of audience polling. Instead of giving simple lecture or presentation, David's speeches become a new form of group dialogue, where there are multiple opportunities for each person to see how their anonymous perspectives on the key topic compare to David's and everyone else's in the room.